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Provider of audio recording, production, voice over, composition, mixing, mastering, live sound recording and forensic audio cleaning services.

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What we do

Skyye Collective serves the audio industry by providing a high standard of audio production, audio recording, voice over, composition and arrangement, mixing, mastering, live sound recording and audio forensic cleanup services in our modern, customer friendly studio in Langebaan on the West Coast of South Africa. We can also:

  • Provide your track with an ISRC code from RISA, this is required to register the track.
  • Assist with registering your track at SAMRO, SAMPRA, CAPASSO.
  • Get your track submitted and released to all the streaming platforms. We currently use Distrokid as a service provider.
  • Develop a website/EPK to showcase your music.

We also have an Air BnB facility if you are from outside the area and wish to stay over whilst working on your project. Our secluded private beach is the ideal spot to get your creative on. Please contact us to make arrangements or with any other question or comment you may have.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to redefine creativity where the artist has the tools/support to unleash their full potential, we aim to be the premier destination for unparalleled audio production. Through a culture of continuous exploration, technological advancement, and artistic collaboration, we aspire to shape the future of sound, inspiring compositions that transcend boundaries and leave an indelible mark on the global auditory landscape.


Mission Statement

Empowering artistic expression through cutting-edge audio production, our mission is to provide a dynamic and collaborative environment where musicians and creators can elevate their sound to new heights. With a commitment to innovation, professionalism, and a passion for sonic excellence, we strive to be the catalyst for unforgettable auditory experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide.


Our values

We embrace:
Innovation: We constantly explore and adopt cutting-edge technologies and techniques to push the boundaries of audio creativity.
Collaboration: We believe in the power of collective creativity, fostering an environment where artists and our team collaborate seamlessly to achieve remarkable sonic outcomes.
Passion: Our dedication to the art of sound is reflected in our unwavering passion for delivering exceptional audio experiences that resonate with both artists and audiences.
Professionalism: We uphold the highest standards of professionalism in all aspects of our work, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy partnership for every artist who entrusts us with their vision.
Diversity: We celebrate the richness of diverse musical styles and voices, promoting inclusivity and providing a platform for artists from all backgrounds to thrive.
Quality: We are committed to delivering unparalleled audio quality, setting the industry standard and surpassing expectations with every project.

These values guide us in our mission to be a catalyst for artistic expression and to shape the future of sound.

Our Services

Our Services

Vocal Recording

The studio has a range of quality microphones to make your voice shine. We also use Melodyne for vocal tuning and the best in audio plug-ins.

Instrument Recording

From the custom amplification and microphones to the state of the art loadbox, there is also an excellent setection of high end guitars and basses. Top that off with a 88 key midi controller with endless soft instruments and electronic drum kit, there is no limit to your creativity.

Mixing and Mastering

With ears that go to soundgym every day and a host of software and plug-ins we create stunning mixes and masters that are levelled for most streaming devices. The studio uses state of the art monitoring in a Soundreference calibrated environment.

Live Sound Recording

We are capable to record up to 20 seperate tracks in a live situation at 24 bit .wav or aiff. We use top notch microphones for the drum kit, amplifiers and industry standard microphones. Live piano? No problem. Stereo pair microphones will do the job.

Live Sound Engineer

Our engineer is available to do live sound at your venue. Own or your provided desk.

Forensic Cleanup

We use state of the art software to clean up "dirty" recordings. We can almost take the sugar out the coffee...

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Join us at Skyye Collective in shaping the future of your sound. Let your music transcend limits and captivate audiences worldwide. Embrace innovation, collaboration, and passion as we work together to elevate your sonic journey. Step into a world where professionalism meets creativity, and where diversity and quality converge to define a new standard in audio excellence. Your artistic vision deserves to be heard at its best—take the next step with us and let's create unforgettable auditory experiences together.

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